Friday, December 27, 2013

Ellen Wick

Ellen Wick
A quirky engineer and team member of Division 7.  She knows how to fix everything on a spaceship.  Due to the Nebula Wars Ellen was badly injured when her parents, who were robotic engineers, were taken by the Nebula Pirates when she was 6.  Using her parents research Ellen's left arm and eye were replaced with new robotic parts.  When she was old enough she joined The Division, the best space fighters in the galaxy, in hopes of finding her lost parents. 


                                                     B.O.W.  Bionic Organized Weapon

The newest technology in modern safety.  This bionic android is loyal to its creator.  She is an enforcer and follows all the orders she is given until she meets W.O.B. who changes her views and shows her that she can do more.